Sunday, February 17, 2019



Add Trusted Service Providers

Adding Trusted Service Providers will allow you to share relevant documents to the transaction.

Adding Pages from Your Library

Watch Video

Adding Your Email Signature (►)

Video tutorial about how to create and add a signature to your CBExchange email in Office 365.

Birthday & Anniversary Campaigns on intouch

It's super simple to add contacts to the Birthday Greeting and a Purchase Anniversary Auto-Campaigns... All you need is a date!

Broadcast on Facebook Live!

Social Media Marketing has taken a big step forward with Facebook Live! Facebook Live gives you an opportunity to invite friends, your sphere of influence and current or past customer to a live broadcast about content of your choosing.

Coldwell Banker Templates

Coldwell Banker has made it simple to use dotloop by creating templates that contain all the documents you need for the most common types of transactions and engagements.

Create a Market Action Report

Branded to you & exclusive to Coldwell Banker, this unique item of value provides charts, stats & commentary about local market trends.

Create An Agent Branded YouTube Channel

Watch the process and then create your channel. TIP: Video uploaded to your channel can be easily shared and added to your intouch website.

Create Video Using iMovie

Use photos from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) Camera Roll, add captions, and select from the music library to create a video.

Customize O365

Video tutorial & print guide for: (1) Changing the look of the theme/header, (2) Selecting your Office 365 start page, and (3) Turn on/off Reminder and Email notifications.

Do More with Social Media in Less Time

Work smarter, not harder, to increase your social media presence! With Hootsuite you can save time by scheduling content to post throughout the days or weeks ahead. Spend less time posting, and more time selling!