Saturday, October 21, 2017


4 Easy Steps

This step by step print guide shows you how to prepare, print and send a Market Action Report in 4 easy steps.

Add a Person to Your Loop

Each person added to the loop receives specific permissions based upon the “role” which automatically assigns the required signature/initial fields in the appropriate documents. You can also send an invitation to notify each person they have been added to your loop.

Adding Images to intouch

You can add images to the Search, Sell, Communities and About pages of your intouch website. This guide shows you how to do it!

Create & Customize Your Agent Branded YouTube Channel

A step by step guide that walks you through creating your YouTube channel, creating a playlist, adding saved playlists, and displaying them on your channel.

Create A Loop

Creating a Loop in dotblue couldn’t be easier!

Create Video Using Quik by GoPro

Choose from over 20 templates and seamlessly blend photos from your iOS or Android device with captions and royalty free theme music to create a professional looking video.

Customize O365

Video tutorial & print guide for: (1) Changing the look of the theme/header, (2) Selecting your Office 365 start page, and (3) Turn on/off Reminder and Email notifications.

Display Market Watch Videos on Your Website!

Your intouch website allows you to embed another website, such as the Market Watch Videos site, on one of your website pages.

Edit Your Loop Details

There are a substantial amount of details and information that can be added to the property details in a Loop, many or which will auto-populate to dotblue documents.

Email a Document To Your Loop

With dotblue, you can add PDF documents to specific folders within your Loop directly from email.

Email Actions & Settings

Select the default settings for your email display (Messages or Conversation) and your email replies ("Reply all" is the default). Also, identify how to search, sort and print emails.

Embed YouTube Videos on Your intouch Website

A step by step guide to embedding YouTube videos on your intouch website.