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As I write, I’m here in Los Angeles at the sexy SLS Hotel for our biggest certification event ever, in one of America’s top luxury epicenters. We welcomed 200 associates into the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program this week. Next, we head to dreamy Hawaii to certify another 200 agents. After Hawaii, I’m off to Barcelona to conduct our second international luxury certification with 10 countries in attendance. Have I mentioned I love my gig?

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind. On February 13, we released one of our most highly anticipated reports ever. Now simply known as “The Report,” it is a definitive guide for high-end property buying and selling. Oh, what a splash it made! I should have known it was going to be a hit when I announced The Report’s return at a company event at one of our premier San Diego listings last month, and I received a big round of applause. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists are downloading the digital version, sharing it and customizing it at a rate we’ve never seen. We received countless orders for the print version as well — because there’s nothing like holding a physical copy in your hands. As one marketing director told me, “Everyone is finding something useful and relevant to their market.” The reason why they have found it so useful is because we have amassed a powerful knowledge base for The Report for the first time. By leveraging our partnerships with The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Wealth-X and Unique Homes, and the local expertise of those affiliated with the Coldwell Banker® organization, we have created one of the most usable reports ever.

The overwhelming response to The Report reminds me of something Ryan Schneider, the new chief executive officer and president of Realogy, recently said: “Data is the new electricity.” Data powers everything in the luxury real estate world; it can make the difference between winning a million-dollar listing or closing a deal. In today’s competitive luxury landscape, there is so much information coming at us. It’s easy to get confused. I have always said that the real estate agent who has the numbers and knows how to present those numbers to a potential client is the one who has the authority. This is the very reason why we brought back The Report in the first place: to let our authority shine and give our agents a way to rise to the top.

The Report illuminates the depth of knowledge that comes with a program like Coldwell Banker Global Luxury. We bring the strength of numbers. Between the 91,000 brokers and independent sales associates worldwide who are affiliated with the Coldwell Banker organization and the comprehensive data that powers The Report, we offer our real estate agents and their affluent clients a real 360° luxury experience. Could it be any clearer that we’ve changed the conversation in luxury?

Aloha. Until next month.