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This 3-Day series includes a full day HANDS-ON workshop dedicated to Maximizing the Impact of your intouch platform.

Full Day Hands-On Workshop

Prepare your intouch platform for lead generation, Strengthen your communication & engagement, and Customize your website. 3 individual sessions.

Real World Instructors


Building Your Business


The Path is Clear

NRT Gateway | 1st Time Login

NRT Gateway is a convenient single-sign-on platform providing access to most of CBRB’s business tools. As a 1st time user you can follow the steps in this guide to establish a user profile.

Customize O365

Video tutorial & print guide for: (1) Changing the look of the theme/header, (2) Selecting your Office 365 start page, and (3) Turn on/off Reminder and Email notifications.

Email Actions & Settings

Select the default settings for your email display (Messages or Conversation) and your email replies ("Reply all" is the default). Also, identify how to search, sort and print emails.

Adding Your Email Signature (►)

Video tutorial about how to create and add a signature to your CBExchange email in Office 365.

Introduction to OneDrive (►)

OneDrive stores your files in the cloud, allowing you access from anywhere with an internet connection. Your account has up to 1TB of storage.
Have you selected the default settings for your Office 365 Outlook email, yet? If not, take a look! These three settings will remain saved once set.

Set-Up your intouch website

Everything you need in a visual step-by-step guide to set-up your intouch website.

Intro To HomeBase

Coldwell Banker's Transaction Management System provides electronic access to all transaction documents for you and your clients, during and after the transaction. This introduction to HomeBase also includes tips for setting up your agent profile view.

Intro To HomeBase Insight

The HomeBase insight report can be helpful for you and home sellers, displaying online showing trends and detailed property view numbers from ColdwellBankerHomes, and FAB+ websites. It can be set-up for automatic delivery to you and/or Home Sellers on a weekly/monthly basis or viewed on demand.

Tips for Updating Your CB & CBHomes Profile

Update Your Profile Today and it automatically feeds to your profile.

Display a YouTube Video On Your Profile Page

A step by step guide to adding a YouTube video to your profile page.

Sample Agent Profile

This sample displays the customizable options available on your Agent Profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about

MAXimum Action Steps

Take advantage of MAXimum Branding, Exposure, and Leads to help you make the most of your online listings. Follow these action steps to complete your profile on the most visited real estate websites.


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about MAXimum.

What Is MAXimum?

The MAXimum program provides maximum agent branding, listing exposure and customer leads on the most visited real estate websites including Zillow®, Trulia®,® and®. Listings are also syndicated on as many as 900 websites through our direct distribution network and strategic partners.

CBx 3.0 on the Web

The new functionality in CBx combines the best of the app with the best and most used pieces of the Coldwell Banker Listing Presentation and resources that previously existed outside of CBx and is now available on any web browser with an internet connection!

CBx Wins Best Designed Mobile App Award

CBx was named the Best Designed Mobile App for transforming the way Coldwell Banker® affiliated agents engage with home sellers to list their home.

How CBx is Helping Agents Win Listings

Differentiate yourself and impress your sellers at the listing table by integrating the CBx app data.

CBx Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions regarding the Coldwell Banker CBx app.

Download CBx Now!

Download the CBx app on your device directly from here. Simply click the button for your device, and the app store page for CBx will open right up. Simple, right?!

Ways To Use Market Watch Videos

Whether you want to use Market Watch videos on your CBHomes or profile pages, link to them on your intouch website, use them with your social media, or all of the above, this video shows you the many ways you can use Market Watch videos.

4 Easy Steps

This step by step print guide shows you how to prepare, print and send a Market Action Report in 4 easy steps.

Create a Market Action Report

Branded to you & exclusive to Coldwell Banker, this unique item of value provides charts, stats & commentary about local market trends.

Create An Agent Branded YouTube Channel

Watch the process and then create your channel. TIP: Video uploaded to your channel can be easily shared and added to your intouch website.

Create & Customize Your Agent Branded YouTube Channel

A step by step guide that walks you through creating your YouTube channel, creating a playlist, adding saved playlists, and displaying them on your channel.