Sunday, February 17, 2019
Watch and listen to dozens of recorded sessions to gain knowledge, insight and inspiration from the 2016 Realtors Conference. Bookmark this page and visit often to boost your game!

Adrian Arriaga: Understanding the Chinese Buyer

It's all about relationships-- commissions, clients, problems. How do you sell a property if it is devalued, and much more!

Alex Milshteyyn: Successful Tactics to Win Loyalty

Identify ways to win over clients in a highly competitive market with a unique value-selling proposition -- through your community and by increasing your sphere of influence.

Amy Smythe-Harris: How Technology Can Ruin Your Business

Although you may know about how social media can boost your business, this panel will show you how it can also harm you.

Andrew Dorn: 200% Growth

Identify how to set your business goals twice as high as last year with this panel's ideas. Find out what steps to take, the tools to help you reach this goal, and how to make yourself relevant to your audience.

Ashton Gustafson: Keeping in Touch with Your Sphere

Identify your sphere of influence, discover ways to maximize your business from repeats and referrals and analyze methods for ongoing communication with people in your sphere. Discover how to redefine your customer service and connect with your consumers.

Bill Eshenbaugh: Optimal Land Use Options and Opportunities

Analyze and determine optimum use of land based on various options, including packaging transitional land for sale, developing a plan for property marketing and identifying factors for the best use of land for commercial purposes. The panel discussion includes examples you may not have considered.

Bob Wolff: 8 Strategies to Achieve Super-Star Success

Discover ways to increase residential sales and listings, which will dramatically increase your income. Evaluate eight specific strategies you can implement, which are related to dollar productive activities, no-cost strategies, attaining balance and gaining the right mindset for success.

Brian Buffini: All In To Win!

Do you know how to make sales, build relationships and have fun doing it? What does it truly take to succeed at home, in work and in life? Discover how to build a fortune by taking care of people and how our speaker accomplished all this.

Bruce Gardner: The Riche of Niche

Understand why working in a market niche is a great boost to your business. Identify ways to evaluate a market segment for potential sales and for a greater market share, find out creative ways to market to attract consumers' attention and explore how to maximize SEO and connect with your consumers.

Celeste Starchild: Be Productive, Not Busy

Discover tips and tools to streamline your business. Identify your productivity style to help you work efficiently, find out how to convert more online leads using a technology platform and work on building relationships.

Darryl Davis: The Top 5 Sources of Listing Leads

Discover where to find listing leads. Find out how to stop wasting money on ineffective lead generation tools, use inexpensive strategies and get 30 qualified sellers in 30 days who want to sell now.

David Knox: Are You a Messenger or a Negotiator?

Acquire the necessary knowledge to become a negotiator. Discover how to provide an objective standard for negotiation and deliver feedback instead of advice. Understand how to manage client expectations to eliminate unrealistic beliefs to reach an agreement.