Friday, May 24, 2019


Market Watch Video Community Specific Links

A PDF document that lists all the communities that have Market Watch Videos attributed to them, and the web address for each of the Community Specific links.

Using Market Watch Videos Overview

Market Watch Videos can be sent as hyperlinks in various ways and embedded on your intouch website (and similar pages). This chart displays the types of links available and where they can be used.

Using The Community Selector Link

The Community Selector link allows viewers to choose from all community Market Watch videos. TIP: This is recommended for sharing auto-updating links on social media sites.

Using Community Specific Links

Market Watch Community Specific links automatically update each month, making them a valuable addition to emails, agent profiles, and online marketing pieces.

Ways To Use Market Watch Videos

Whether you want to use Market Watch videos on your CBHomes or profile pages, link to them on your intouch website, use them with your social media, or all of the above, this video shows you the many ways you can use Market Watch videos.

4 Easy Steps

This step by step print guide shows you how to prepare, print and send a Market Action Report in 4 easy steps.

Create a Market Action Report

Branded to you & exclusive to Coldwell Banker, this unique item of value provides charts, stats & commentary about local market trends.