Thursday, May 23, 2019

Set-Up your intouch website

Everything you need in a visual step-by-step guide to set-up your intouch website.

Ways To Customize Your Website

Each page of your intouch Agent Branded website has customizable options. This chart identifies items that can be added or modified on each of the 5 website pages.

Website Customization Options

This CBeCast guide show all the different sections, page by page, that can be customized on your intouch website.

Layouts, Colors, & Banners with intouch

Check out the four all new website themes available for your intouch website. Regardless of which layout you choose, your agent contact information will now appear at the top of the Home Page!

Website Banners

Region specific, custom banners sized specifically for your intouch Home Page Banner image.

Personalize Your Banner Text!

How would you like to change the text on the Home Page banner image of your intouch website? Now you can, and it's super easy!

Community Images

Region specific, custom images sized specifically for your individual intouch Communities pages.

Featured Listings on intouch

You have the option of featuring your listing or all office listings on the home page of your intouch website. This guide walks you thru the steps.

Adding Images to intouch

You can add images to the Search, Sell, Communities and About pages of your intouch website. This guide shows you how to do it!

Embed YouTube Videos on Your intouch Website

A step by step guide to embedding YouTube videos on your intouch website.

Embed YouTube Playlists

This is the CBeCast video tutorial about how to embed YouTube playlists on your HomeBase intouch agent branded website. This method can also be applied to any video that has an "embed code".

Display Market Watch Videos on Your Website!

Your intouch website allows you to embed another website, such as the Market Watch Videos site, on one of your website pages.

Add a Contact

A step by step website walkthrough about how to add a contact to your intouch Contacts.

Contact List Template .CSV File

Download the pre-formatted .CSV file, add your contacts' information, and upload the document to intouch.

Import Your Contacts (Mac)

Step by step guide that will walk you through the process of importing contacts to intouch using an Apple computer (Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro) once they have been added or exported to a Contact List Template .CSV file (found on CBeCast).

Import Your Contacts (Windows)

Step by step guide that will walk you through the process of importing contacts to intouch once they have been added or exported to a Contact List Template .CSV file (found on CBeCast).

Import Your Contacts Video Series

This video walk through will prepare you for the process of exporting Your Contacts from any source to intouch.

Initial Contact Wizard

•Step by step instructions about how to make an initial contact phone call
•A pre-written email designed to drive them back to your website
•A backup system in case you are not able to contact your new contact within 12 hours

Recently Active Contacts

Find motivated contacts by using the quick search options that are built into your system to see who was recently active on your consumer website. These contacts may have viewed listings, saved listings, updated their email preferences, or even just logged into your homepage.

The Contacts Tab

From the Contacts Tab you can view All Contacts, Recently Active Contacts, Add a Contact, Manage Groups, and Import/Export Contacts. Adding contacts to a group can assist in target marketing campaigns, allowing you to develop customized messaging for specific audiences.

When R U Most Wanted?

Did you know that more than 1/3rd of internet leads are received on Sundays between 7am-10am and 6pm-10pm. Now you have the option to adjust your lead notification hours from 7am-10pm every day of the week, which in turn helps support your conversion efforts. Click the image above to learn how to adjust your lead notification hours!

Stay in Front of Your Contacts

The intouch Monthly Newsletter provides you with great real estate content and allows you to easily and automatically stay in front of your contacts. You can personalize the content, or never lift a finger and let intouch do all the work for you!


A reminder is a text note with a due date that appears in your system when an action or follow-up is due. A reminder can optionally have contacts assigned to it, so you know which contacts require the action in your reminder.

Listing Alerts

A listing alert is an automatic email notifying a contact of new listings that match their search criteria. They include links to full property information on your website in order to keep your contacts coming back to your website.

Set Up Quick Texts

Customize your Quick Text to quickly send out pre-composed emails on the fly either from your computer or mobile device.

Using the “Actions Button”

The Actions Button is represented by the text “See All”, This short-cut allows you to quickly send email and listings to contacts or add them to a listing alert or campaign.

Send Listings & Listing Alerts

This video tutorial shows how to use the MLS Search on your intouch admin website to send both listings and listing alerts to contacts.

Manage Groups

This intouch video tutorial shows how to utilize Groups to both keep your contacts better organized and to more easily distribute mass marketing emails.

Birthday & Anniversary Campaigns on intouch

It's super simple to add contacts to the Birthday Greeting and a Purchase Anniversary Auto-Campaigns... All you need is a date!

Delegate Access To intouch

This tool enables team leaders or sales associates to give team members or other sales associates (within the same office) temporary access to their intouch account.

Keep intouch with Campaigns

A campaign is a marketing tool that allows you to schedule, in advance, marketing materials to be sent to your contacts to keep you top of mind. You can add contacts to a campaign and know that they’ll automatically receive valuable information from you at the right time during their home buying or selling process so they call you when it’s time to buy or sell.

intouch Property Flyer Templates

Intouch's Marketing Center has a fantastic feature that allows you to easily create content rich flyers for your listings, pulling both the images and description directly from the MLS.

Listing Email Marketing

The Marketing Center allows you to email Listing marketing material from intouch to one or many contacts. Choose from any listing that appears in your Listings tab, and personalize the email before sending the email out and wowing your contacts!

Showcase Your Properties

This video tutorial shows you how to set up your Showcase Properties, and then include them in both your email correspondences and campaigns.

Marketing Center Overview

This video tutorial gives a brief explanation for the various areas within the Marketing Center, along with step by step walkthroughs for email and print marketing.

Marketing Center Walkthrough

This guide details setting up email and print marketing pieces, setting up automated drip campaigns, and adding images to your intouch Image Manager.

Sellers Market Report

A Seller’s Market Report highlights the services you provide as an agent and helps a contact who wants to sell a property understand what the property might be worth in the current market.

intouch PRO Registration

Some tips and best practices when switching to the PRO version of InTouch.