Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Don’t Plan To Fail

Joe Thorne discusses the importance of having a business plan, his road map for creating the plan, and how he determines who to target.

Cut 2 The Core

In this conversation, Caroline Starr shares her best practices for business planning, the importance of video in today's market, and how Videolicious makes creating videos easier than ever before.

Ask When it’s Fresh in Their Minds

Debbie Wood has built a thriving business based on referral... here's how she does it!

What Do You Do Best?

How did Jennifer Ames transition from investment banking to Coldwell Banker's top producing agent?

Winning Listing Presentations

Steve Cohen shares a few of his proven strategies for creating, delivering, winning, and listing presentations.

The Power of a Positive Attitude

Mary Wallace believes in the power of a positive attitude and the influence it can have on sales.

The WOW Factor

Dick Greenwood describes the "3 Wows Factor" that should accompany any property showing and some do's and dont's during the walkthrough.

What’s Your Tag Line?

JoAnn Vetter has a unique tag line... why, and is it really a differentiator?

Increase Your Visibility in the Community

Brenda Bruyette excels when it comes to branding within the community. How does she do it?

Simple Business Planning

Desty Lorino starts goal setting for next year in December of the previous year. Every year is a fresh start!

Working with the Rich & Famous

Sitting down with Chezi Rafaeli in Trump Towers, Chezi shares what it's like to work in the luxury market, and what luxury buyers desire.

The 12 Month Program

Lynne Knurr goes over her 12 month program that details how 99% of her business comes from referrals.

I Want to Test the Market

Using a clever analogy, Lynne Knurr explains to sellers why overpricing a property in a buyer's market is not a wise decision.

Mutual Release

Lisa Thompson explains how the suggestion of a "mutual release" can be a reality check for home sellers.