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CBx was named the Best Designed Mobile App for transforming the way Coldwell Banker® affiliated agents engage with home sellers to list their home. The award was given at the Best Mobile App Awards, which recognize the most intuitive, creative and unique mobile interface designs for apps across all mobile platforms, from Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phones to wearables like Android and Apple Watch. Special attention is paid to mobile apps that focus on user experience and interaction. CBx marries the power of big data with an agent’s local expertise to help create a custom listing price that is relevant to the most likely buyer profile in a given community.

In addition to this success, there have been many testimonials of agents getting listings faster, getting deals with more expensive listings, selling listings faster and selling at a higher price because of CBx and the data they were able to share. Some agents use the benefit of the likely buyer profile to drive targeted advertising via Facebook ads, several of whom received a buyer who looked just like the profile they predicted!