Open CBx


Introducing CBx 3.0: Technology continues to evolve. Your needs continue to evolve. CBx has transformed to stay ahead of the curve. The new functionality in CBx combines the best of the app with the best and most used pieces of the Coldwell Banker Listing Presentation and resources that previously existed outside of CBx.
Now available on any web browser with an internet connection.*

New features include:

  • Home Assessment – Allows you to have a conversation about things that directly affect the marketability of the home but not the price. This helps sellers understand the general maintenance they can do to help the home show better.
  •  Competitive Price Line Generator – This popular and effective resource is currently available via CB Exchange, but requires manual input for every address. In CBx, the Competitive Price Line Generator will auto-populate with the comps you choose.
  • Tool tips – Get real use case examples from your peers, in app. Text, audio, or video tips from agents using CBx will be featured in the app explaining how they use a specific piece of CBx to win listings.
  • Stunning Animation – You have asked for new and unique ways to deliver content – these beautifully animated versions of favorite listing slides set your presentation and your business apart.

Amazing upgrades:

  • Exported presentations will now look as good as the presentation in app.
  • Agent profile information will automatically populate to make it easy to talk to the seller about your specialties, experience and performance.
  • Current listing for the agent or office automatically populate and are mapped to show coverage and market share in the area.

These time-saving upgrades give you the ability to fully replace your business listing presentation with the CBx Listing Experience. This is a fundamental shift that reduces the time you need to prepare.

*While CBx will work on a web browser from your phone, it is not recommended as the user experience was designed for larger screens.