Monday, April 23, 2018

Video Tools

Reduce Expenses, Go Virtual!

VR isn’t just the next frontier for real estate, it is becoming more and more of a standard listing practice. In fact, 77% of Americans say they would love to see a home using virtual reality before physically visiting a prospective home.

Select Your Channel Banner

Choose from a range of region specific photos that are pre-formatted to be used for your YouTube Channel Art.

Create Video Using Quik by GoPro

Choose from over 20 templates and seamlessly blend photos from your iOS or Android device with captions and royalty free theme music to create a professional looking video.

Create Video Using iMovie

Use photos from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) Camera Roll, add captions, and select from the music library to create a video.

YouTube Director

Select from 9+ Real Estate specific templates and suggested content outlines that will "direct" you through the creation of your video.

Add Clips to YouTube Director

YouTube Director for Business allows you to add video clips saved on your iOS device to any Director video template.

Create An Agent Branded YouTube Channel

Watch the process and then create your channel. TIP: Video uploaded to your channel can be easily shared and added to your intouch website.

Create & Customize Your Agent Branded YouTube Channel

A step by step guide that walks you through creating your YouTube channel, creating a playlist, adding saved playlists, and displaying them on your channel.