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Agent Webinar Collection: Dotloop | Tier 1 | April 25th, 2018

An introduction for getting Dotloop set-up, sharing & signing documents, and best practices.

Date & Time Stamp Shared Dotblue Documents

Entering a custom message when you share a document will automatically Date and Time stamp the delivery. The delivery information can then be viewed in the Message Inbox associated with each document in a loop.

The Recipient Experience

A preview of what the client sees when you share documents, and also their process for signing and returning documents.

Sharing Your Loop Documents

Dotblue gives you the ability to select which documents should be shared, and with whom.

Email a Document To Your Loop

With dotblue, you can add PDF documents to specific folders within your Loop directly from email.

Edit Your Loop Details

There are a substantial amount of details and information that can be added to the property details in a Loop, many or which will auto-populate to dotblue documents.

Add a Person to Your Loop

Each person added to the loop receives specific permissions based upon the “role” which automatically assigns the required signature/initial fields in the appropriate documents. You can also send an invitation to notify each person they have been added to your loop.

Create A Loop

Creating a Loop in dotblue couldn’t be easier!

First Time Log-In

Log in to the NRT Gateway, (www.nrtgateway.com) and tap on the dotblue icon. As a 1st time user you will be prompted to create a password. This password should only be used when you log in for the first time. Every subsequent time you enter dotblue will be from the NRT Gateway, and no additional logins/passwords will be required.

Setup your dotblue Account

Creating and setting up your dotblue account is a breeze. Watch this helpful video to get started.