An Interview with Brian Tracy—The Living Legend of Personal Growth Part 2 | The Brian Buffini Show

“Successful people have success habits.” –Brian Tracy

Last week, best-selling author and personal development expert, Brian Tracy shared his story and his best tips for achieving success. In this episode, Brian Buffini continues his conversation with Brian Tracy, delving into the habits of the world’s most successful people. Brian Tracy explains the two things critical for influencing people to buy, the greatest enemy of success and the essential habits to develop in order to achieve success in business and life. He also gives his take on the seven traits of successful emigrants outlined in Brian Buffini’s latest best-seller, “The Emigrant Edge.” By the end of the episode, you’ll be motivated to put these habits to work. Don’t forget to download the free ebook, “The Power of Habit: 7 Steps to Successful Habits,” mentioned in the episode.


Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:


“Your television can make you rich or make you poor. It’ll make you rich if you turn it off. It’ll make you poor if you turn it on.”—Brian Tracy


“If you don’t charge up, you can’t perform well.”—Brian Tracy


“A person will not buy from you until they’re convinced you are their friend and you are acting in their best interest.”—Brian Tracy


“If something is true, it is always and everywhere true.”—Brian Tracy


“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once took a big chance.” —Peter Drucker


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”—Thomas Edison


“Successful people have success habits.”—Brian Tracy